Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Suicide Squad Part I

Well, since I have done a bit about my favorite Mass Effect characters (though I 'll have to revisit Garrus, since he got a bit short changed), I thought I would do sort of a few group posts of some of the other great characters, who nonetheless hold less special places in this gamer's heart. It is three sizes too small, after all.

Thane is likely my least favorite character in Mass Effect 2. I don't think I've ever taken him on a mission other than his own loyalty quest. And then only because I was worried if he wasn't loyal, someone else might die. But, still, he is pretty stylish.

Zaeed Massani. A man's man who shoots and talks straight and swears like a sailor. We like Zaeed. Less of a brotherly relationship than my main man Garrus, he's like that uncle who came back from the war who you think is cool, but you don't really want to talk to him when he's been drinking.

Jack, the psychotic biotic. Shockwave and a Geth plasma shotgun. Yeah, I've rolled on a few missions with Jack. This one's actually from ME3, I just didn't feel like doing another one.

Kasumi Goto. A cunning thief and wielder of the Shadow Strike. She's actually pretty handy to have along, and she usually goes on a lot of missions with me up until Tali's recruitment mission, after which, their skills have a bit too much overlap. Because both are low defense, I usually take them both on the last phase of the Suicide Mission, though.

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