Friday, August 31, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #1

This is it folks, the moment almost half a dozen of you have been waiting for! I seriously cannot think of a better time for the last installment to come out for this countdown. I am heading into a three day weekend in which I have lots to do, but plenty of time to do it. Hope you all enjoyed the countdown and are going to have a good break as well!

#1: Blastech DL-44

Yup. Like the E-11 in the Rifle countdown, there was really no way I could put anything else in this top slot. When I was a kid, I had a really good replica of this that my dad made me. I'm only about 50% sure it wasn't made from a real Mauser (this only makes sense if you know my dad, I guess). Wish I still had it.

In any event, Han Solo's iconic heavy blaster pistol is so much a part of science fiction Mythos that it is immediately recognizable as such to anyone with even a passing familiarity to cinema. To an old enough crowd, it symbolizes Han's 'Shoot first, shoot first' philosophy, and is an beacon of hope in a dark time of galactic civil war. The only thing it couldn't do is shoot through Vader's glove.


MIK said...

I had a feeling this one would make the number one slot, a great finish to a fun countdown!

Gotthammer said...

A most worthy #1!