Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #11!

Hey all! So typing is kind of hard for me right now. It never fails that I get hurt whenever I do a post a day project. This time, I snagged my right forefinger on a shelf at WalMart and tore a chunk right out of the tip. Being me, I just put the chunk back in place and taped it. Looks like it might keep...it was a sickly brown color all yesterday, though it is starting to look flesh colored again today. Still hurts though. Anyway, on with the show!

#11: Killzone 3 shotgun pistol.

Yeah, so I didn't actually like Killzone, but I did like the parts where you get to use this bad boy. As you would expect, it smashes face up close, but is sort of a push over at middle to long engagement distances.

You do get three shots with it, and it does have an unexpectedly fast load speed, so it's a pretty useful short gun. It's range disadvantage is quite nicely mitigated by the fact that the player will likely be wielding an assault rifle of some stripe.

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Evan said...

Hey man, nothing wrong with the healing qualities of tape. I keep a roll of painter's tape at my hobby station so if I take a wound, I just rip a bit of paper towel off, grab some tape and keep on trukkin'