Monday, August 20, 2012

Sci-D'arm Countdown #12!

Hey all! So, busy day at work but still on track with the countdown! I'm not sure if Google has changed the way they track page views again or if my posting has become particularly boring as opposed to just boring, but this might be the least successful countdown I have ever run. Hmmm, for self esteem purposes I am going to stick with blaming Google.

#12 Lawgiver

I had the hardest time finding a picture of this, then I realized I was searching for Lawbringer. Derp. Anywho, despite being in potentially the worst movie ever recorded on film, it's a fairly solid sci-fi pistol. I mostly love it because of how kick butt it is in the Mongoose miniature game.

A multi-ammo firearm capable of detonating if fired by an unauthorized user, the Lawgiver gives a street judge that extra edge in intra-personal conversation.

I am trying to hold out hope that the new Dredd movie coming out soon will be better. I am a big fan of Karl Urban.


MIK said...

Love the Lawgiver! Though I take issue with the Stallone movie being bad; there was a well done ABC Warrior on screen, that was worth the price of the ticket alone! Plus, the Stallone Lawgivers looked pretty sweet and they really played up its capabilities in the movie.

CounterFett said...

I might have stated that too harshly. I did enjoy it, and you are right about the ABC.

Still, in honest appraisal, it was pretty bad.