Monday, August 13, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #19

Hey all folks, while I am taking today off to take my little boy to his first day of school, you all do have my condolences on the beginning of the work week. Today's installment takes us back to Video Games, in this case one I have not played, and something I would likely not have watched if the main protagonist was not voice acted by someone I dig.

#19 Blaze Edge

More than meets the eye

I am amazed that I have never played any of the Final Fantasy Games. They are hugely popular, I like video games, I like RPGs, I like game worlds that mix magic & science. It's just amazing, but I have never played any.

She still doesn't look how she sounds.
Then I heard that Lightning in FF13 (I refuse to use Roman Numerals) was voice acted by Ali Hillis who also voiced Liara T'soni. So I watched someone else play it. It's seriously weird to hear what I think of as "Liara's" voice coming out of what looks like a pink haired teenager.

But yeah, the gun. Blaze Edge is a gunblade, the first one that Lightning comes with. In earlier games, gunblades were just swords that did extra damage when the discharge made them vibrate, but by FF13, they are transforming sword/guns, which makes them a much more versatile weapon.

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Mik said...

First day of school, how great, enjoy the moment!