Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #21

Hey all folks, and welcome to our first weekend edition of the Sci-D'arm countdown. Today we step away from vintage movies for the moment and into the heady world of RPGs. See, in my formative years, I played a lot of these. Mostly D&D, which does not have much bearing in this narrative, but for my Sci-Fi fix I played a charming little game named Paranoia

#21: Troubleshooter Laser Pistol

The Troubleshooter Laser Pistol solves the problem of how you arm a Sci-Fi RPG hero with a plausible futuristic weapon, but still limit it's efficacy when you need to.

They only fired six shots before the barrels burned out and needed to be replaced, and if you needed an enemy NPC to be resistant to the PCs, you could simply garb him in Reflec armor of a higher level than the protagonists, which made him much harder to damage.

Frankly, this one is in here because I liked the idea and execution of it so much, rather than that I think the weapon itself is so amazing.

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