Friday, August 10, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #22

Whew! The first (almost) week done, and I haven't screwed it up yet! I nearly forgot to post this one last night before going to bed, so it was a close fought thing. Today we look at a rather interesting sidearm that I had never heard of, from a movie I have never seen, which was recommended by a reader.

#22: Logan's Run Deep Sleep/Sandman

I'm a big fan of guns from video games and modern cgi movies, but something about the props made from 'found' object in the old sci-fi just seems more...honest. And the Deep Sleep gun used by the Sandman police is a terrific example. Like I said, I never saw the movie, but it has a nice Welrod vibe to it. Plus, it shot green fire. Green. Fire. And it made people freeze. Not icicle freeze, like freeze-tag freeze. Pretty legit.

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