Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #23

Hey folks, look at that! I actually remembered three days in a row. Hope your morning is going as well as I am predicting mine is going to be as I write this last night. Wishful thinking for the win. I must say, this was a lot easier back when I could post form work. Stupid company wanting me to actually work on the job! Pish Tosh!

#23: Plasma Cutter.

Issac Clarke in the hizzy!

Ah, Dead Space. A game about a repairman turned space zombie killer trying to find a girlfriend. Can gaming get an more boiled down to its essence than this? The plasma cutter is the first real weapon our good friend Issac gets, after his mighty curb stomp, that is. And it amazingly retains its usefulness into the very last level. How many video game pistols can claim that.

Dead Space had a novel mechanic that dismembering the 'necromorphs' (space zombies) was more effective than center of mass shots. Enter the Plasma Cutter. The player could realign the Cutters emitter to shoot either vertical or horizontal beams, for the most effective limb slicing action ever!

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