Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown: #25

Yeah, I made the art mere minutes before posting. What of it?
Ok, well, postponing and then totally forgetting about this project seems to have made me hone in on which ones I wanted to post with a Laser focus! Really, guys, so sorry I forgot about this. So instead of a top 30, we will be doing a top 25. Same rules as always; you don't agree, go ahead and comment, complain, and make your own list. I will even post a link! Just be nice.

#25 The Big Boomer

Mad Max. It was the film franchise that made a generation of us love Fallout. He was tough, he was smart, and he carried a pistol made from a shotgun. And we all loved him for it. While technically not a science fiction sidearm so much as something we could make today, it is nevertheless a big part of the 'powerful futuristic pistol' mythos for me. Probably for some of you too.

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