Monday, August 27, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #6!

Good morning folks, Counterfett here on this fine Monday morning. Actually, this is a scheduled post from Sunday night, since I know myself well enough to realize there is no way to drive myself to write something coherent on a Monday morning before work. But that's beside the point. Most of the rest of the countdown, like today's entry, are from Sci-nema (see what I did there?), and most from what I think of as vintage at that. Should be fun.

#6 Noisy Cricket.

The Noisy Cricket from Men in Black is a diminutive joy buzzer of a pistol. Thought emasculating by J when first received, the Noisy Cricket is nonetheless a formidable piece of weaponry.

While only used once, and with maybe a combined minute of screen time, everyone remembers the noisy cricket. Honestly, I cannot even remember the premise of the first movie, but I was able to come up with enough about the noisy cricket right off the top of my head for an entry in the countdown!

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