Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sci-D'Arm Countdown #7

Hey all folks, less than one week left in the countdown! Since I was still not feeling well yesterday (ate something very bad Friday morning, I should know better!), I just satyed off the computer. Still not feeling tippy top, but I definitely think I am up for catching up! So to speak.

#7: Bolt Pistol

Even I surprise myself that this didn't place higher. But honestly, considering that I've often thought of this as the red-headed step-child of the boltgun, which I believe did place higher in its respective countdown...whatever.

A magnificent weapon which shoot mass reactive self propelled rockets, or 'bolts', which explode on contact or in proximity to the enemy, the bolt pistol is most well associated with the Adeptus Astartes, the mighty Space Marines. Despite this association, bolt pistols are also used by other factions of the Imperial Military Machine, notably the Adeptus Sororitas, ans is also quite common amongst Imperial Guard Officers and Commissars.

A big gun, which hits as hard as a rocket launching rifle. That's something I can really get behind.


MIK said...

A good choice, has to be in the list, but a tad high for me actually. I do love non-space marine models hefting one however, they just look too cool.

And I've gotta ask because it's killing me. What did you eat Friday morning?

CounterFett said...

I had a breakfast burrito from the very iffy cafeteria in my office building.

I was apparently still not feeling very well this morning when I posted either. The typos are atrocious.