Friday, August 17, 2012

Sci-D'Arms Countdown #15

Hey all, Counterfett here. Had a crummy day at work, and my beautiful wife treated me to some fast food and Mass Effect Multiplayer. So while I feel much better, I am horrendously behind schedule on the countdown! Oh, and tomorrow is the toy show! Huzzah!

#15: The Ray Gun

How many weapons can you use the most generic form of the name, and still have most everyone know just what you are talking about? And if you don't then I guess you never played Nazi Zombies. Because, man, does this gun splatter zombies like nothing else!

Obtainable mostly by spending an obscene amount of points on the mystery box (I don't know if there are other ways, it's been a while), the Ray gun shoots a powerful beam of justice. For America (or Germany, Japan, or the USSR, for that matter)!

It's just the thing, really, when cornered by Nazi Zombies.I don't know how adequate it would be for socialist zombies, or even hippy zombies, but those Nazi ones better just watch out!

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