Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sci D'Arms Countdown #4

Alright! I've officially passed the point in this countdown at which the end of the project seems like a light at the end of a tunnel. I'm never going to figure out why something that seems fun when I start always has to feel like a burdensome task after a few weeks. It's not like this is hard!

#4: Ronon's Traveler Pistol

I watched a lot of Stargate Atlantis. Not, sadly, because I loved it so much. My wife was a big fan of the franchise, and we happened to get the whole series on DVD around the time that my son was in the 'Need someone to put me to sleep by rocking me in their lap' phase of babyhood. So I saw all of the episodes in sequence. With special features. Then with commentary.

Ronon is a survivor of a planet completely culled by the Wraith who was allowed to survive in order to be hunted for sport by the few waking Wraith assigned to watch their somnolent brethren. It has three settings ranging from 'stun' to 'set stuff on fire.' See, I said the phaser was influential. Not only is it a powerful blaster thingie, but it also looks like a big old revolver, and I think you all know my feelings on that at this point.


MIK said...

Great show and a great sidearm! Nice choice for the vaunted #3 slot...

CounterFett said...

I thought it was pretty cool. I feel like this countdown was a little more haphazard than my others in terms of what got posted when. I just sort of picked the order as I went, rather than arranging them in advance like the previous countdowns.