Friday, August 24, 2012

Sci-D'arms Countdown #8

Good evening folks, took off from work early today so that I could take full advantage of Operation Alloy for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, then actually spent the whole afternoon in the tire shop with my wife getting new tires. I hate mechanics almost as much as dentists. Anyway, one the kids are in bed I will be reaping some fools. On a related note, today's entry in the countdown is no stranger to reaping alien fools, and hails from arguably the greatest video game franchise ever.

#8: M6

The M6, in all of its various incarnations, is a pretty formidable sidearm. Called the 6, the magnum, or more colorfully, the godpistol, Master Chief's first gun is perhaps that which all video game pistols are compared. By modern gamers anyway. I'm old enough that the Bryar pistol is my yardstick, but that's another story.

Capable of killing a Hunter in one careful shot in the original game, the M6 has had its highs and its lows. It was perhaps most useful in ODST, for silently removing grunts and jackals while playing as Rookie, in order to get across town with the minimum of muss and fuss. I in fact defeated said game on Legendary mode using solely the M6S and Plasma pistol as Rookie.

And that says quite a bit right there.

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