Friday, August 31, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Shep Shepard #1: To Mars!

Since I'm apparently the Vice President of the Shep Shepard Fan Club, when Gotthammer posted the code for Shep's face in one of the comments in his video, I had to go out and make a new character. He said I had to post pictures if I was going to use it. He might have been joking.

Kaiden? What are you doing here? Oh, that's right, I blew Ashley up!

I could have been lazy and completely forgot about it, but that's not me! So naturally I decided to do it the hard way and make them in true PWP style! Mostly I am painting them to cover up exactly how bad my screen captures are from XBox 360! They're really bad! I am probably going to get proper capture software here in the next little bit, so maybe it'll get better.

Shep & Liara have an intimate reunion. Actually Vega is just to Shep's right, but he has been removed by the power of editing!
Also, I think he plays Shep as a soldier (judging by the Widow & Mattock in the ME2 videos), and I built a Vanguard, because hey, I've never played a Vanguard. Furthermore, to make it so my Shep cannot be mixed up, she'll be sporting DLC Reckoner Knight armor as soon as I get to Palaven. So, accept no substitutes. Wait, no...accept my substitute...I'm confused.

This might become a quasi regular feature as I progress through the game again, it just depends on how much material I generate that's usable.


Gotthammer said...

No, I wasn't joking. And yes, I roll as Soldier 4 Lyf.

I saw a funny cap of the Reckoner Armour, using a shot of the scene where Shep first meets up with Anderson at the very beginning - caption read "sorry to call you away from your LARP".

I also found that first scene meeting Liara pretty funny with them making kissy faces at each other while Vega and Kaidan stand around somewhat awkwardly in the background, lol.

Just realised that if you have your own you'll stop plugging my vids! ;p

CounterFett said...

Nah, I'll still promote your vids. I have nothing if not integrity about where I get my ideas.

Plus, they're good.