Sunday, August 19, 2012

Toy Show Haul Part I: Snoova!

Well, long time readers of the blog, folks who listen to the podcast, or people who know me realize if there is one thing I have been hunting for almost as long as the recently acquired Girl Robin, it is Snoova.

Well, I mean technically, this is Chewbacca, disguised as Snoova, but since Snoova has never been made, this will have to do!

There's kind of a funny story behind this one. Mario and I were walking through the toy show, and I was (probably to his annoyance) looking very thoroughly every time we saw a table that had the old Power of the Force figures.

Then we came across a table that was marked thusly "Red Card $7, Green Card $10." Of course, there was Snoova on a purple card! So, we asked the nice lady how much Purple cards were, and she shrugged and said $5.

She may well have had that $5 in her hand faster than is possible with the current interpretation of relativistic theory.

Now, since I was planning to buy him loose to save money, do I want to open him?