Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toy Show Haul Part II: Raphael

Ok, so I will admit to sort of being a band wagoneer on this one. I was not a huge fan of TMNT as a kid, and was not planning on getting any of these, since they don't have the nostalgia of some other lines I like. Still, I did love the arcade game. I even had a favorite character: Raphael. Mostly because I thought sais were cool.

Interestingly, while all of the turtles have different sculpting, Raph stands out to me as being the most different, with some very unique pieces, as well as being a substantially different shade of green. He also has a big crack on his chest plate, and looks permanently P.O.'d. He's got great poseability and holds his weapons, a lost art these days.

Just look at all that extra swag! In addition to his trademark sais, Raph comes with a pair of jitte, shuriken, and hook swords! Sweet!

A little extra, just for fun. I am strongly considering that all of my new toys have to have a welcome interview with my main man Garrus. I'll probably be too lazy for that to really happen, but it's a fun thought.

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