Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well, This Just About (Mass Effect) Figures

I knew this was going to happen. If I didn't have a fairly strict no profanity rule in my writing, I would be sorely pressed to not drop a few F-bombs on this one. See, I have been wanting to get the re-release of the DC direct Mass Effect 2 action figures that Big Fish has put out for ME3, but they were not out ANYWHERE!

Then, I find out that BBTS has the two I most want; Garrus and Tali. So I break down and order them, which is something I almost never do. Then, seriously less than 48 hours later, I find the whole series at Toys R' Us. Not cool. They are a couple bucks more expensive than online, but hey, no shipping and no wait. They had Garrus and Tali, which just about broke my heart, but I didn't double buy just for expedience.

So I got my second string choices from the line, the guys I always said I would get if I found them in a store; Legion and Grunt. I might go back and get Shepard at some point, for that whole 'James Action Figure' project we talked about on the podcast some time back. But that is a tale for another day!

I should have reviews of these bad boys out of the package in the next few days. And I darn well better have Garrus and Tali shortly after that.

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