Friday, September 7, 2012

Back In Business...At A Snail's Pace

Like Matriarch Aethyta, Counterfett is not amused.
Well, the backup computer is up and running. Perhaps chugging along slowly is a more appropriate metaphor. I had the terrible realization after this morning's post that I bought this computer in 2002, and that there was a reason I was using my wife's old laptop even though it had been stepped on.

Long story short, this computer blows. It will have to do until I can get something to replace it, which will depend on the weather. When is hell freezing over, again? Unfortunately, the things which seem to be suffering the most from the drop in performance are the things I enjoy most: videos, music, games. I can still post here pretty well, and I got my graphical programs up and running (again, slowly). So I just need to rebuild my portfolio of ready art.

After nearly despairing this morning, I cheered up a little when I realized that most of my art was done 'on demand' so to speak, and after the initial glut when I started, I painted when I needed pieces for a PWP article. So I didn't really lose much that was not backed up. This is a good thing. I just wish I could put my finger on what I did lose so I could try and remake it.

Anyway, sorry about the pity party folks, and thanks for all the kind words I got from so many friends this morning. Thanks for bearing with me. This is the computer I started this blog with, and it is sure to keep things going just fine for the time being.

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