Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chaos Marines Pre-Order Critique 1: Beasties

Figured I would do this in two parts, since I a) am not motivated enough for a real long post, and b) my computer sucks and this is already taking too long. It's no secret that the Chaos Space Marines are out next, and I have mostly been staying out of the feeding frenzy until I got a real chance to look at the actual models.

Well, GW has the official photos up, and it's high time to do what I do best; nitpick other people's art.

The Heldrake. My guess is they came up with the name Heldrake because Robot Chicken was already taken. It's an interesting model, with a ton of neat detail and design aspects. It looks appropriately menacing. I just cannot quite shake the feeling that Abaddon must feel like chicken tonight. Perhaps I just need to see some cool alt builds and different paint schemes on this to really make up my mind.

Forgefiend/ Forgemauler. I like this one better right up front. If my understanding is correct, it looks like the Forgefiend is the shooty one, and seems to come with your choice of gatling thingies or but square cannon thingies. The Forgemauler, on the other hand, seems like something from an episode of 'It Came From the Internet' as it is equipped with numerous tentacles. Presumably for smacking and grabbing things with, not for de-shelling crustaceans or muscles. These remind me of the Reavers from Starcraft, just in the way the plates overlap on the back. Not a bad thing, just...different.

Tune in next time when we have a look at actual Marines!

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