Friday, September 7, 2012

Guerilla Email Posting Courtesy of Computer Casualty.

Ok, so who used overload on my computer?
Seriously, just when it seems like I am getting my posting schedule and traffic for the blog back on track, my computer melts down. To be fair, it is an ancient piece of garbage that should have been replaced back when it still belonged to my wife and my father in law stepped on it (it is broken in half at the hinge, if that makes any sense).
In any event, I do have a backup tower computer that should be sufficient to the task until I can finally just get a new computer. The really heartbreaking part of this story is that there are a lot of Painting With Paint pieces that I had not backed up to my thumb drive or posted that cannot be recovered. -sob-
As long as I can still get all of my utilities back installed on the tower, this should only be a minor hiccup. Particularly for my Painting. I might lose my mind without that!
Keep your finger crossed folks!

1 comment:

Gotthammer said...

D: teh oh noes!

It really sucks losing all that work, man. Reminds me I need to back stuff up ASAP!

Good to hear you're not totally out of action though :)