Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marvel Legends Capt. Steve Rogers

In the Package!
Well, I always wanted to get a 'Steve Rogers: Agent of Shield" figure, since I have basically every other permutation of the character in action figure form.

The pistols fit his hands like they were made for him, which they likely were.
I had assumed it would be in 4" scale, since that is what all the others are. Since I saw the 6" figure in Target for cheap, however, I decided to get it. This way, he can hang with all of the other 6" figures I have acquired recently.

Cap-toes and Spats? Really Steve? 1940 called, it wants its boots back. Also, is that an N7 stripe? Close enough for me.
It's a pretty great figure, overall, and even comes with the crotch of Terrax, some large villain I have never heard of! What a deal. Oh, and his Captain America shield. Did he have that as Steve Rogers?

Gee, I hope Bucky doesn't mind that I borrowed the shield.
He comes with 2 pistols which appear to be H&K USPs with muzzle weights and laser sights. Why laser sights? Wouldn't Cap's super soldier perception and hand eye coordination be good enough? Whatever, it looks more spec-op-ey this way.

Captain Rogers meets Garrus
This is fun. I mentioned in the Raphael post that I was considering having Garrus interview all of the new toys, and it is working well so far.

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jboypacman said...

Great figure! I have one myself but i lucked out and got the "Clear Shield" version.