Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Ladies of Dragon Age II

Hey all, so my vacation from Mass Effect continues (never fear, The Continuing Adventures of Shep Shepard is good to go for a few more weeks on backlog). Figured I would post a few I have been working on of some Dragon Age characters. These are in varying stages of completion, but my crap computer is hobbling me to an extent, so I am unsure how much further any of these will progress.

The best thing about Isabela is when she tries to explain dirty jokes to Merrill. It never works.
Isabela, or, as my wife calls her 'that pirate hooker.' Yeah, I honestly would be happier if she were wearing pants. Or a skirt. Or even a longer blouse. Not earning me any points around here Isabela. She's a fun team mate, and she gets a lot of play since she is the only character that seems to get along well with Merrill.

&%@*-ing Aveline!
Aveline. Or, as I often refer to her '&%@*-ing Aveline.' Seriously, you know how hard it is to keep Aveline happy? With how much of a stickler I am for good guy choices because of Mass Effect, I figured keeping the straight & narrow guard captain happy would be easy. Oh no! It's like having my mother-in-law along for questing. Plus, she's hideous. Normally, I'm not super shallow, but I already don't like Aveline.

Bethany, or "that girl that's Hawke's sister...right?" I don't use Bethany much, and she's gone for a big chunk of the game. Plus, she seems to have the personality of Tapioca. She honestly becomes more interesting once she's a circle mage!

Even with my crap computer slowdown, I wanted to spend a little extra work on Merrill so her tattoos would show. I think it worked out.
Merrill! Yeah, Merrill's cool. I was originally worried it would be hard to get friendship points for Merrill, but honestly, as long as you don't regularly kick her, she maxes out pretty quickly. Plus, she's hilarious..."Why do they call it a brothel, does it have something to do with broth?"

I do like the alt costume. It's more...elfy.
 Oh, and a bonus one with her in her post romance costume. You can read into that whatever you like.


Anonymous said...

Explain to your wife that Isabella is smart enough to know that most people don't die immediately, they die from infected wounds. wounds get infected when their clothing (and more importantly the bacteria infesting said clothing) becomes imbedded in a wound-bacteria gets into the bloodstream, and soon you get to meet someone who talks in all caps.

If anything, Isabella is OVER-dressed. This by the way is why the chainmail bikini is an appropriate armor choice.

CounterFett said...

True story.

I think Isabela's boots count as leather armor anyway.