Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Pride Of The Fleet

The Kwunu. A ship built by the ridiculous Volus.
Well, some time back I figured I needed a break from portraiture (not sure why exactly, pretty women are more fun to paint than ships!), and decided to paint some ships instead. Seems like it went pretty well, in general.

The Shadow Broker Ship. Stupid Hagalaz.
 Trying to put these in order from most to least obscure. Don't know why, but things always make sense to me that way. Like a 'Top #' list.

The Destiny Ascension. Yeah, I always save the council.
 Some of these were easier than others. The Ascension took  the most tries honestly, because of the stupid Widow Nebula background. Man that was a pain in the bottom.

Normandy SR2. 100% Better than the SR1. The naming convention proves it.
All of these are from codex or War Asset entries, since it was the easiest thing for me to screen cap. Except for the Normandy, of course. That's from the 'Take Earth Back' trailer.

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