Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Since The Crash Edition!

Well, I have been pretty much off of the internet for the past few days, since switching to my backup computer when the laptop spontaneously combusted, and so I was lazy and didn't think of a theme for this weeks Painting With Paint. Then it hit me, why not just have the theme be stuff I did since getting back up and running (or crawling). So there you have it, dear fans!

I call this one "Bottle" for obvious reasons. It's a good thing Garrus is around, so those things don't get uppity.

I was thinking of stealing a line from Cortana and naming this one "Don't make a girl a promise...", which really only makes sense if you are familiar with the Shadow Broker DLC. In the end, I borrowed a phrase from Shawn Spencer and titled it "Very Close Talking." This is from my retroactive Mass Effect 2 playthrough, since I decided I wanted to have an import file. The interactions are so much less satisfying without an imported game. The funny part about this piece in particular is that it took me so many tries to get a useful screen capture. Liara kept blinking! The other funny thing for me in this conversation is that Liara looks right at Shepard's eyes, while Shep seems to be gazing...lower. Seriously, that's the highest her eyes go for the whole conversation. Good times.

These last two are something I was hoping for some advice about. The top is called 'Xen Hard', and is obviously a brushed piece of Admiral Daro'Xen, as she appears in Mass Effect 3. This is without using a softening filter. It leaves the detail a little cleaner, but makes the background look like something from a Van Gogh. Which is maybe not a bad thing, now that I say it like that.

This one is called 'Xen Soft' and is the same piece, just saved separately after being run through a softening filter on a graphical program. It is less raw, and the foreground (Xen) is a little easier on the eyes, though losing some detail, and the background is less obtrusive. Both have their merits, but I was wondering what other people thought about this?

Let me know with some comments, eh wot?


Gotthammer said...

I like Xensoft (didn't they make games back in the 90's ;p ), it's just that little bit smoother.

And in regards to Shep's wandering gaze:

CounterFett said...

Thanks, I like both ways, I tend to end up using the softener, because, well, I thought that's what people would prefer, but I didn't really know for sure.

And that picture is priceless.