Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre Order Critique: New Dust Tactics/Warfare Sets

Hey all, I think I better get my gaming mojo back in gear for the good of the fleet, so what better place to start than with my favorite type of post? By favorite type of post I mean, of course, oohing and aahing at sets I want but will most likely not buy!
 First up is a new super heavy tank set for the SSV! This can either make a very large but otherwise conventional gun-tank, or can make a ridiculously awesome tesla tank! I like how it is very evocative of the T34, but super-sized.

 These guys look like they have a lot of promise, and seem like they could be pretty useful doing double duty as an Imperial Guard Veteran squad.
 German heavy weapons teams that can either fire a caseless 75mm cannon or an anti tank laser! Can anyone say autocannon & lascannon? I thought you could.
 The last is a twofer set that can either be used as British Commandos, or...
French Foreign Legion! I do love me some Legion Etrangere, and while both sets look to have similar weapons loadout, I think the rules are significantly different, with the Brits favoring clever, sneaky tactics and the Legion have an 'all out assault' once per game, or some such.

They look pretty sweet, though I think the only sets in there I am likely to pick up is the power armor. Because, hey, cheap power armor!


sonsoftaurus said...

I doubt I'll get into Dust anytime soon, but a number of their kits do look really sweet. Those six-legged allied walkers have been calling to me.

CounterFett said...

I've never played Dust either, though I have a friend who swears by Dust Tactics as a very solid Boardgame style miniature game, along the lines of Space Hulk.

I do have the Allied Recon Boys, which I use as Space Marine Scouts, and they are pretty solid models, if a bit uniform in pose.

paws4thot said...

The conventional version of the "IS-48" looks a lot like an IS-3 with the muzzle-braked version of the 122 gun to me.

CounterFett said...

This is true