Friday, September 21, 2012

Pre Order Critique: Savage Worlds Old Pete

Hey all, I just saw this guy on a coming soon page, and he caught my eye. Seems like lately a lot of miniatures are getting more and more off of the wall when it comes to attire, weaponry, build, or some combination of the three. Then there's this guy. He's like the Old West version of the Green Arrow. But with guns.

I don't know anything about the Savage Worlds line, but I know that like many of Reaper's other lines, I will likely get this and use it for something else entirely. The neatest thing to me is that it seems pretty obvious even from the picture that he is using 1860 Colt Army revolvers. They're off scale of course, but what more can I ask for  in this scale?

Simply a fine, if understated miniature.

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Don said...

Looks more like a take on Dr. Doom than Green Arrow to me.