Saturday, September 22, 2012

Super Secret LEGO Project #1: Quarian Infiltrator

I have made mention here and there that there was a LEGO project coming up, that I was waiting for some specialized materials for. Well, the stuff came in the mail today! Hooray.

In part one, we can look at one of my more successful characters for Mass effect multiplayer in gold difficulty, the Quarian Infiltrator. This camo green version in particular was a character named 'Not Snake' which is a story that takes way too long to explain and is not that clever anyway. She was fairly successful, in that I would hide behind cover, and take a cloaked potshot with her sniper rifle now and again.

She was especially effective against Geth, who, with Sabotage, she could make fight each other instead of the squad. Not a points powerhouse, but than again, she made the waves easier for everyone, and in gold, getting a full extraction is the name of the game, not how you place. Not Snake has the distinction of being the only character I have created to never get downed. Cloak Recharge for the win.

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