Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Continuing Adventures of Shep Shepard 2: The Light On This Moon Is So Unflattering!

Reckoner Armor. Because you only THOUGHT there were no female Chaos Space Marines.
Having wrapped things up on Mars, and telling the council they are useless to their face, Shep grudgingly heads to Menae, one of the moons of Palaven to rescue the equally useless Primarch Fedorian.

"Shepard, are you...glowing? Can you even see me? I'm right here!"

Of course, Fedorian is dead, so Shep, newly outfitted in stylish Reckoner Knight Armor, needs to repair a comm tower to find out who exactly we are rescuing now. On her way, she flirts with Liara, makes fun of Vega's huffing and puffing, and is plagued by husks and eyestrain induced by poor lighting.

Seriously, the Turian Hierarchy can't spring for some sodium arc lighting?


Gotthammer said...

It's slightly surreal reading about 'my' Shep doing things differently - but I'm interested to see what differences you come up with!

CounterFett said...

Yeah, it's weird for me too. I find myself trying to stay 'canonical' to what choices you would have made.

It's an interesting exercise.