Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Shep Shepard 3: Reapers & Bondmatrimony

Ok, so like I mentioned in the Painting With Paint article from a couple days ago, I went back and made a Mass Effect 2 character to import and started ME3 over with the new character. The interaction is so much better, I never knew how much I was missing back when I was creating new characters in ME3! In any event, the new character is a Sentinel, and is still Shep Shepard, the epic femshep kindly loaned by Gotthammer. I did forget to re-equip the reckoner armor though, which should be rectified by the next installment.

Palaven...we have a problem.
When we left our bold heroine last, she was meeting up with my main man Garrus and heading off in search of the (slightly) less useless (than Fedorian anyway) Primarch Victus. On her way, she pauses to marvel at a big old Reaper that is messing up some turian ships. Then, grabbing the Primarch, we beat feet back to the Normandy and head back to the Citadel. Seems our Buddy Kaiden is done with his nap and wants our advice on something.
The joys of Bondmatrimony
But first: Liara! Now I am not sure if this got fixed in the Extended Cut or Leviathan (feel free to let me know in the comments) but she now remembers that her and Shep already got back together in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. I think this got updated in Leviathan, but I could be wrong. She thanks Shep for the 'tour of the Normandy,' but wonders that since it's been half a year, if Shep still feels the same.

Tune in next time to find out!

...nah, just kidding. How could Shep say no to that face? Also, our buddy Gotthammer had a great video about this that I managed not to find until just recently that you should all check out.


Gotthammer said...

Shouldn't that be bondmaterimony? :p

Love that reaper pic, like it's walking through mist.

Interesting to know they fixed that bug - I did it using a save editor - I wonder if they fixed the no Ken & Gabby dialogue if Kaidan is alive bug?

CounterFett said...

They did fix Ken and Gabby, I am happy to report. There seem to be lots of little tweaks like that, that are, I THINK, from Leviathan.

Hey, I'm in the states, we like to remove vowels like that from words.

Gotthammer said...

Cool, might have to get it then (maybe - seen them on youtube so it's headcanon now that they get together anyway!).

And speaking of, I am interested to see what your thoughts on Shep Shepard's canon adventures are. Things like the Rachni, punching Al-Jilani or not etc etc.

I meant it as a more puntastic version on bondmate ;)

CounterFett said...

Did not know which way you went on the Rachni, so I killed 'em. Lots.

Didn't punch Al-Jilani, I actually feel like it's more of a victory to "Bull Rush her on her own show."

I am doing more renegade interrupts (I usually do no renegade), so my wife has finally got to see some of the better examples, like setting the Weyrloc speaker on fire, pushing the Eclipse merc out of Dantius towers, frying Sergeant Cathka, etc.

Gotthammer said...

I saved the Rachni :D

I didn't deck Al-Jilani ('cept in replays for the clip), talked the Merc down, but waster the speaker and Cathka though.

(canon) Shep does have a philospohy I followed when playing her, but I won't tell you just yet ;)

CounterFett said...


I forgot that I headbutt Uvenk! I think everyone does that, so it doesn't really count as Renegade.

Gotthammer said...

Yeah, I don't even know why it's a choice, ha ha.

I don't think I've ever not done it, honestly - it's like those weirdos who never take Garrus aboard in ME1...

CounterFett said...

I really don't understand that one. He's my second favorite character in the series! I almost can't go on a mission without him!

Barring those missions where one team mate is pre-selected, of course.