Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Continuing Adventures of Shep Shepard 4: The Psychotic Biotic and Prothy the Prothean

Hey all, sorry about the no posting day yesterday, but I have been a bit busy at work. I am near the end of my assignment, and since I am only a few weeks from my promotion taking effect, I am trying to wrap it up so as not to leave any messes for the people taking over my job (yes, plural, it takes more than one human to do my job. Funny, right?)

When last we left bold Shep, we had extracted Victus and gave Liara the green light. Rather than go straight to the War Summit with Victus, however, we side track across the universe. It seems Traynor has detected an anomalous distress call from Grissom academy (as an aside, I do appreciate all of the Space Program nods in this series, my dad knew Gus Grissom, and I actually met Alan Shepard when I was little, though he was I think a Rear Admiral at the time, and not a Commander anymore. Neither get the respect they are due, as far as I am concerned). So, since we care deeply about the biotic children, we blaze a trail straight there.

Jack, Liara, and Shep meet at Grissom Academy. It's like the start of a joke.
After murdering our way through a bunch of Cerberus troops, we cross paths with an old friend...Jack. Or Jennifer. Or whatever. I'm just glad she's taken to wearing some clothes, since my kids tend to watch me play this game. She's still just as crazy, but a little less intense, as her mama bird syndrome seems to have kicked in on all of the teenage students. That seems a bit creepy to me, since she can't be that much older than them in the first place. But whatever.

Liara, can you turn that thing off when we're talking, it's a bit...distracting.
Students extracted, Shep still feels the need to roam, and heads next to my favorite vacation locale: Eden Prime. Real Estate prices in this place must really have bottomed out, considering the number of apocalyptic attacks that have hit the place this decade, but we do cross paths with a new friend.

I think Joker's right, we should call him Prothy the Prothean.
I tend not to use Javik much. Garrus' brand of fatalistic humor has much more appeal to me than Javik's out and out pessimism, but to each their own.

The only thing cooler than Garrus...Camo Garrus.
Speaking of my main man Garrus, here's how I have him kitted out these days. I like the Camo armor, since it looks rad, and it gives him +25% to weapon damage, I believe, which is always appreciated. I also give him the Harrier, since he doesn't have to worry about weight or ammo. The Harrier breaks the game in Shep's hands, by the way, for those of you wondering. I had to up the difficulty when I was using it. I switched to the Blood Pack SMG and a Pistol, which seems to be reasonably powerful, but not abusive.

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