Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Shep Shepard That I Almost Forgot!

Yep. Almost forgot to publish anything at all today. And whoops, I just realized as I typed that that I forgot the Examiner entirely this week. My bad.

Anyway, when we last left our brave Commander, she had finished thawing out Commander Crawdad, erm...I mean Javik, and we set our course for Sur'Kesh, to pick up Krogan chicks for our homey Urdnot Wrex. I decided to change the armor, since, even though I like the Reckoner armor on most characters, I forgot that I don't actually like it much with a Sentinel. Tech Armor makes it look funny. But Terminus armor makes it look just right!

Of course, the Salarians' painstaking security is all for nought, and a modified Yahg breaks loose.

Liara has no sense of humor when it comes to Yahg.
Shep: There goes the next Shadow Broker.
Garrus: Could have sworn he was muttering: "T'soni" the whole time.
Liara: Not funny!

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