Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Toy Show Haul Part III: Grayson Hunt

Well I didn't think Bulletstorm was that great of a game, but it was alright. And I did like the rifle. So I was quasi interested in this figure when it hit Toys R' Us. Not full price interested, but since it was a very niche product, I figured I might snag one when it went clearance.

And clearance it did! I got this for $5. Not bad for a NECA 6" figure with superb sculpting and paint. This was not really a part of the Toy SHow Haul proper, per se, but I got it on the TRU stop on the way home.

And Garrus approves of the Peacemaker Carbine. So a pretty good score, all in all.


MIK said...

Bulletstorm was pretty clever and not too shabby, but somewhat forgettable. This is a cool looking fig but I'd want to have the Asian cyborg guy, do they make one of him?

CounterFett said...

As far as I know they only made Grayson. Like I said, pretty niche. It's why I knew I could wait and get him on clearance.