Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wargaming: Where Do I Go From Here?

Well, I really am going to work on those EM-4 figures later, but it got me to ruminating. When 6th edition 40k came out, I said I was going to reserve judgement until I had really played it. Well, it's been out a while and that still hasn't happened.

Also, despite repeatedly telling myself that I was going to learn and start playing Infinity, that hasn't happened either. In my defense, this seems to be a problem of locale. I cannot find anyone willing to play this with me. It's a little too complex to play with my kids if I am trying to learn it, so my usual route of having Sammi decide what she wants to do with her troops then helping her do it is out.

So, this means either using a set of rules I already know pretty well and either playing Solo or with the kids. While as experienced gamers we like to think we know every system well enough to play a mean game off the tops of our heads, in reality it limits me to either something built off of the old school D&D system, or something from the more modern d20 era. I guess d20 is pretty old school at this point as well.

One good candidate I can think of is the trusty d20 Modern/Future. The Stardrive setting in particular (from the beloved yet obsolete Alternity system). I was looking at this the other day, and I had not realized how close to Mass Effect the premise was. Eldritch monstrosities from beyond the galactic fringe emerging from Darkspace to upset the balance of interspecies galactic peace and conquer everything. Sounds familiar.

The races even match up pretty well:

Weren: Krogan
T'sa: Salarian
Fraal: Asari
Mechalus: Quarian/Geth (needs most adjustment, because as I recall, Mechalus were pretty tough, and I think of Quarians as having a fairly low CON score).
Humans: Well, duh.
Klicks: Collectors or husks or something.

Alternatively I might use the tough mechalus to represent Turians, and modify the Sesheyan to be Quarians. Sesheyan were fragile but had wings and couldn't use tech, so maybe remove the flight and tech penalties and give a tech bonus but expand the fragility into suit vulnerabilities?

This would not be the first time I have thought of using simplified d20 for wargaming, but it might actually pan out this time. My Halo d20 went really well with the RPG group, but my wargaming circle pretty much spontaneously combusted. I need new geek friends.

Well, this was meant to be a pretty short post, but evolved into a TLDR rant on the state of wargaming in the greater tri-valley. Sorry about that, but thanks for sticking with it! For reading this far I reward you with this totally random image of Miss UK 2005!

See, totally random!


MIK said...

Have you tried social networking type arenas, like game finder or the like. With the historical minis crowd I game with there have been two solid guys added to the mix found through forums and such.

Danthulhu said...

I have the reverse problem, my gaming group can't seem to play anything other than D&D. My search for a new RPG group has been fruitless so far though I have found some new 40k players.