Friday, October 19, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack

Bioware nearly snuck this one past me. Seriously, I only found out about it at maybe 3:30 pm the day before it was released. I figured what the heck, I like new weapons for single player. Also, I can finally get the N7 Typhoon. (I am still amazed I have not got this in multi player!).

The real star of the show, however, is the Venom shotgun (shown with Shep in the picture above). The thing is a grenade launcher that fits in the underused (by me, anyway) shotgun slot! It can be fired single, in which it is a fairly accurate and powerful single target weapon, or charged, in which it becomes a multi-fragment crowd control monster. Seriously, I think I need to turn the difficulty up now that I have this thing.

Sadly, this update does cost 160 points, but I had enough left over from getting my wife the last Skyrim DLC to cover it. I think it was worth it, if you like playing through the single player campaign, as the new weapons do allow for differences in the playthrough of some missions. I did have one trigger error on the 'Recover Lost Turian Platoon' mission on Tuchanka that I am going to go back and check tonight to just see if it is a fluke. Hopefully it was just coincidence. I will edit this if I get a repeat.


Anonymous said...

Mass Effect is DEAD. EA killed it!
I was a pretty big fan once...

CounterFett said...

Meh, it's still pretty fun.

I got a bit disillusioned a while back, but the multiplayer is something special.