Monday, October 8, 2012

Minifig Monday - Garrett Hawke

Yup. I like Dragon Age II a lot. Mostly because of Merrill, but also because it's a pretty fun game to play. Also, if you sit too long in the menu, it plays a cutscene of the epic battle between Hawke (the protagonist) and the Arishok (the annoying if misunderstood villain), which occurs at the end of act II. You should all watch it on youtube. It's called the Destiny trailer, and I recommend the extended cut version.

Anyway, I decided to make a Garrett Hawke figure, in his iconic blood mage/mantle of the champion guise. He has a lot of Prince of Persia parts, but the red arm is from an old 'Space' set, the pauldron is from brickforge, and the Staff of Parthalan is made from the minotaur's axe, a black lightsaber handle, and a brickarms bayonet. No decals needed, and I'm fairly proud of this one.

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