Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sword Saturday! Gathering Supplies And Basecoating

Hey all, Counterfett here. I know some of you were waiting with baited breath as to what won the poll about what I was going to repaint my scabbards to. It took me a while to tally the votes (I had 14 polls running!) Well, pink won. I am going to use this as an indictment on my readership for years to come. I thought for sure the olive drab was going to win, seeing as I have a large subscriber base of wargamers. Apparently, I also have a readership that is very devoted to the color pink.

So, I have pink spray paint. Ample to the task. I also have some pink racquet tape. Because I don't like the traditional Katana grip wrapping, and prefer something a little more cushy and secure in an implement meant to be swung forcefully. Plus, I never learned how to wrap one of those darn things! This seems like a dumb step to list, but gathering materials is seriously where 95% of my projects falter! It's a big step!

Here are the three saya basecoated. Now here is something I did not know; don't use a wooden base when you are spray painting a wooden object. They seem to have a natural propensity to stick to each other. I know what you're thinking: duh, that's the paint not the wood, old Counterfett doesn't know how to paint. Believe me, I have been using spray paint since the '80s, I know my stuff. I don't work with wood a lot though.

Anywho, that's all for now on the project that keeps on giving! Tune in next time to see me hand paint the ornaments!

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MIK said...

What an interesting project, looking forward to more.