Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sword Sunday!

I was really planning on posting this next Saturday, but I was kind of enthused, and I didn't really have anything to post today...

I painted the scabbard ornaments and the guard and pommel. That is Testors enamel metallic silver. Back when I was into Iai pretty heavy, I used to know the technical names for all of these parts, but these days I practice now and again and forget the nomenclature. The embarrassing thing is that the book with the answers is about 15 feet away. Eh.

I am not going to paint the grip, as it will be quasi permanently covered in spongey racquet tape. Just seems like wasted effort. The good news is that the paint and getting rid of the fabric parts has eliminated some of the old people smell off of the set. I'm not exaggerating here, it smells like my parents' home old people and sulfur.

Also, while I applaud the original owner for using authentic Japanese blade oil, I wish he hadn't. See, traditional oil is (spitballing here) about 95% mineral oil and 5% clove oil. I can tell by the scent that that is what was used, as the clove oil's only purpose is to cover the smell of the oil. The problem with this blend is that the Clove oil makes the mix somewhat hygroscopic, and requires more diligent maintenance than with a traditional (European) lubricant. Diligent maintenance, sadly, is something that is not typically exhibited by American sword owners.

In any event, this is coming along nicely. Stay tuned for more!