Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Top 5! Video Game Romances

Hey all Counterfett here! I am actually not here...really, as you have been seeing scheduled posts for the past several days since I have been out of town, but whatever. Anyway, I have been talking about doing this for quite a bit, and figured now was as good a time as any. Instead of occasionally driving myself bonkers with a month long posting event, I can do one of these ever week or so. Less work, more fun. Sounds like a plan. I tried for a bit to think of a good topic, and hit upon something I have stayed a bit away from, since all of my top # lists have been tanks or guns or killy stuff. To prove I'm not such a bad guy (I am such a bad guy, but you don't all need to know it), let's have a look at what might be the mushy side of gaming. Video Game Romances.

Of course, standard caveats apply, if you don't like my list, go ahead and disagree, but be nice. Feel free to post your own opinions, responses, rebuttals, whatever. If you let me know I will even link it!

#5) Link & Zelda

I mean, this seems pretty romantic.
I will admit to not playing a LoZ game since the very first one on NES, so I don't know how far this relationship has gone, but I remember thinking that my main man Link went to an awful lot of trouble for this elf chick, and he better be getting something out of the deal. I do think I remember seeing someone else playing Skyward Sword, and that he at least gets a kiss, but I don't know much beyond that. But I always approve of cute elfy people, so this one makes the list.

#4) Chrono & Marle

After a whole game of tension in their quest to save time and space, adventurers Chrono and Marle get...Married? Seriously, this one was so out of left field when I was a kid that I didn't even know how to compute. Really, they got married? Allright.

#3) Master Chief & Cortana

Awww...It's like they're holding hands.
Everyone's favorite Cyborg and AI construct have enough angst and soft talking that it's hard to imagine them not together. It's just...complicated.

#2) Shepard & Liara.

You know me, any excuse to use this piece again.
Yup. I'm probably biased on this one placing so high. It's just well executed, and Liara is so darn loyal. No matter who Shepard is or what Shepard does, Liara always seems to be waiting when you wake up. Bad dreams? Liara's there. Crisis of faith? Liara's there. Feeling bad about exterminating giant sentient cockroaches? Liara's got your back. You died and went through atmospheric reentry? Liara will wait.

#1) Mario & Peach.

I just couldn't bring myself to let anyone else have the #1 slot. Mario and Peach are the ultimate celeb couple. They always get along, they never cheat, and Mario never seems to mind that his princess is in another castle. He just goes and stomps more heads, and puts up his flag everywhere he goes on the way.

That's it for now, folks. I am thinking of doing a follow up "honorable mention" type of thing for this series, so maybe you will see the other stuff that almost made the list. Let me know if there is anything else you want to see given this treatment. I'm always up for ideas.


Adam said...

I really hated when Nintendo teased the possiblity of a kiss between Zelda and Link in Skyward Sword and never followed through with it.

paws4thot said...

Er, a "videogame romances" list that doesn't have a single Final Fantasy romance in it?

The only way that works is if we do:-
s/videogame/"Nintendo and PC"

CounterFett said...

The only one from FF series that I know is the healer chick and the dark knight from...5? I want to say Rosa and Leon or something. I never played those.