Sunday, November 11, 2012

K'nex Angry Birds: Space Pigs Big And Small

Hey all, Counterfett here. I've never played Angry Birds, but my wife and kids love it, so I'm exposed to it on a pretty regular basis. And you all know how KE554 can be when it comes to construction toys! So when Toys R' Us had a buy one get one 40% off on the blind packed minifigs, we got a bunch.

KE554 wanted one of each of the regular (not Space) birds, and JuniorFett wanted all the rest of the birds, so I got to keep the Piggies! I actually wanted the Helmeted ones, because I think they're funny, and the small one was sort of a bonus.

My wife had to explain to me that the things on their noses were icicles, because it's cold in space. I thought they were drooling. Icicles are much less gross, until you realize it's probably frozen-space pig-snot. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have gone there.

Expect lots of Army Pig hi-jinx now that I have these. I think UNSC vehicles need to be driven by space pigs. Or, since Grunts are basically space pigs, would these guys side with the Covenant?

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