Friday, November 16, 2012

Knights Of The Old Republic II: Stuff I Have Not Thought About In A Long Time

Lamest game subtitle ever, btw
Also, I need to get the long titles with colons under control. It's been getting out of hand lately.

Anyway, with the end of the 'Continuing Adventures of Shep Shepard' getting closer on the horizon, I have begun thinking about what to replace it with. The obvious answer would be with some other modern game that I enjoy. But not being one to ever go with the obvious (or even sensible) response, I think I will instead go with the unofficial Mass Effect Prequel, KOTOR II.

Now, most everyone prefers the first game. Let me tell you a secret...I never played the first one. See, I didn't have a gaming computer back when KOTOR was doing the rounds, and I got KOTOR II as a present. After I was done playing it, it seemed redundant to go back and play the one that came before. Funny how that always seems to be the way with me.

Now, since I always have votes about such things, here's what I was thinking of doing; have a vote about it! Not the game itself, I am pretty much decided on that score, but rather on the type of character to play. I will be a Jedi Sentinel, since, Duh, I always play a Sentinel in every RPG, it seems. But the options are:
  1. Male Light Sider
  2. Male Dark Sider
  3. Female Light Sider
  4. Female Dark Sider
The character will likely be the Star Wars alter ego of one of my Mass Effect characters. Sadly, I think I will not keep using Shep, since I don't really have authorization from Gotthammer to even go as far as I have with that! He's been cool about it, but I don't want to push my luck!

So, go already!


Cameron said...

KOTR 2 is a good game but it definitely lacks the polish that KOTR 1 has. The last world you visit in KOTR 2 is not even completely built in some places. I vote for a female dark sider. I think dark side is more fun in the game as you can go around doing what you want. Force lightning is pretty fun too.

Dawfydd said...

Fortunately though, The Sith Lords Restoration Project has recently been completed, and by all accounts puts back in a LOT of the unimplemented content, including adding proper resolutions to events on the final planet....
My understanding is that the major missing content (a droid planet) is being worked on as a separate release as it's being built mostly from scratch.

CounterFett said...

I thought the droid planet looked dumb anyway, so I was never that heart broken about it.

I do want the droid factory on Telos, since HK-47 is the boss.

I am haveing MAJOR trouble getting KOTOR II installed and running on my new computer. I know all the stepsthat should resolve it, but I don't want to push my luck by having any mods or such.

Dawfydd said...

Simple solution I found if you're having problems installing KOTORII: It's now available on Steam for £6.99 (coincidentally, this was about when the SLRP got it's final release...)
And if you go here: you can download the current (final) Restoration Mod, which has it's own installer. It should also make the came much less buggy and unstable as much of the content was actually on the discs when it released for PC (they also haev some previews of the droid planet work in progress).
And I think you at least get some resolution to the HK arc as is, even if it's not the full experience...