Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Alternate Appearance Pack 1

I admit, I have long been known as a sucker for Mass Effect 3 DLC. I think I have all of it now. This was good timing, since I had just transfered over microsoft points for the Omega DLC (out Tuesday!), and had a few left over. Now, since they are calling this Pack '1' I hope it means there will be a pack 2!

I know, I'm terrible. In any event, this pack includes Terminus Armor for Garrus, which looks cool. Edi gets a high techlooking armor upgrade which looks neat but since I barely use her it sort of a 'meh' option. Liara gets a cool black suit, in line with her white 'adventurer' default clothes. While I like the look, it does make her a little harder to see, and it does seem to alter some of her 'proportions.' No word yet on what bonuses these costumes confer. I imagine they will do something, since the other alt costumes do.

Also included in the pack is the 'Ajax Heavy Armor' for Shepard. This is similar to the alt costumes for James and Kaiden, as well as appearing like what Cerberus engineers and the N7 Demolisher (multiplayer) wear. I love that it's called heavy armor, since it looks like Shepards lightest mission gear, as it consists of cloth pants, boots, an armored vest, pauldrons and a helmet. From a gamplay perspective, it has the most bonuses of any loadout available to Shepard thusfar, hitting 80% bonus (the other non-modifiable armors cap at 60%, and I believe certain arrangements of mix and match pieces can hit 65-70%).

All said, it's a pretty cool pack, and if you have a little plug of points laying aropund that are not enough for some other DLC you want, this might be just the ticket.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Can someone tell me the name of a DLC folder the Alternate Appearance Pack 1 is in? I messed something up and I need to fix it.

Thanks in advance!

CounterFett said...

Sorry, I have it on Xbox, so I can't help!

Anonymous said...


Never mind - I re-downloaded it and now it works!

Thanks anyway.