Monday, November 5, 2012

Minifig Monday: Samara The Justicar

Hey all, Counterfett here. This is a scheduled post, so as you are reading this, I am probably weeping into my morning tea for being back at work. Whatever.

Samara is one of my favorite characters from Mass Effect 2. Assault Rifle, SMG, Biotics, it's quite the package. In fact, assault rifle over shotgun is largely the reason that I roll with Samara more than Jack. The Geth Plasma shotgun evened this playing field a bit, but the Mattock still might be more versatile.

Oh, the minifig. I didn't have the right color red to use for her. KE554 tells me that the proper red is a super rare piece that only comes in an expensive medieval set. I'll take her word for it and live with the bright red. Alternatively, for those of you who might want something a bit better matching, the guy who makes these decals makes her Alt costume from 2, which would work on a black body.

As hinted at last week, this is the less perfect head that I painted at the same time as Liara's. I like Samara and all, but priorities are there for a reason.

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