Saturday, November 17, 2012

More K'Nex Angry Birds!

These are actually the birds that KE554 elected to keep. Junior Fett has the same selection, but his are...less available for photography.

The Red Bird. I know all of the birds have name and back story, but since I have never played this game, I can pretend not to be a complete nerd for once and just say that this is the one that doesn't have any special abilities.

The Bomb Bird. This one blows up. Duh.

Anyway, unlike the pigs, these guys are solid rather than hollow, and made of a hard rubber. The painting on them, however, is equally superb. While these are comparatively costly (about $1 more than equivalent Mega Bloks or LEGO blind figs) they seem to be worth it in quality. That's not something you'll hear many folks of Scottish descent say out loud.

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