Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - The Ladies Of KOTOR II

Well, I suppose a lot of you saw this coming. I guess we'll call this part one, as this just is going to show the Lady squad members, minus Kreia. Because she's not pretty. Not trying to be superficial, I did include Aveline and Kat in this series, after all. We'll have her in part II, next week. So there's something to look forward too!

I do approve of the camera angle
Mira. My least favorite in the game. I'm not sure why I don't like her, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's because she's just 'overdone.' She's an ex-Mandalorian bounty hunter with a rocket gauntlet, a halter top, leather pants, who later can become a Jedi. She's even a redhead. It's just too much. At least she's not a romance option.

She's got this thing for white.
Handmaiden. The last of her sisters. They call her that because she's not as good at fighting as her sisters, supposedly. Though honestly, she puts up as hard a fight by herself as her sisters put up like 4-on-1. But whatever, it's called backstory because it's in the past.

She's got a purty mouth.
Visas Marr! While she's maybe the worst Sith ever, she does make a cool squad mate. People say her character is under-developed, and maybe they're right. I like to think she's just understated. While the obvious comparison is that she's like Tali (the mask thing), I kind of think of her as a Liara analogue. While not as open minded romantically (Visas only digs dudes), she bears the same blind loyalty (see what I did?).

I'm not complaining, mind, but KOTOR II made the female character models fairly...statuesque.
More Visas. Because like the trophy wife said: 'You can never have too many Visas!'

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