Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Ladies Of Resident Evil 6

I'm sure there are others, but these are the two I've come across so far. This article could also just as easily be called 'Leon is an idiot...again.' Seriously, the dude always has cute girls that are into him, but he'd rather chase some weird mysterious secret agent who's obviously manipulating him? The thing that's really embarrassing is that I know most men really function like this.

No, Leon, I'm sure she's really totally into you.

Anyway, that's the whole Ada Wong rant for today kids, thanks for coming out.

Maybe not the most flattering portrait of Helena, she's actually not bad looking. It's just the lighting. How come everything in a Resident Evil game has to happen in the dark. I thought RE5'sa daytime missions were a major breakthrough for the franchise, now this.
Oh, but Helena is in this game too. She seems kind of irritating at the start of Leon's campaign, but she kind of grew on me. The fact that she screwed the pooch so totally, and has no hope, but still fights the good fight is sort of endearing. Plus, she has Leon's back admirably, even when he's got his head up it.

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