Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Omega Bonus Edition

Looks like this is turning into Mass Effect week or something. In any event, in honor of Mass Effect 3: Omega coming out, and playing through it, I felt like a mega platinum special edition of painting with paint was in order. Now a few things to keep in mind; since I did these all at once, they are more consistent in style than my usual stuff, which is more than likely spread over the course of months. Not sure if that's a bad thing, it just is. I had a very specific tone in mind when I set out, and managed to stick with it for the whole set. Also, I stayed up all night painting these after playing Omega all evening, so say nice things! Also, you can click to enlarge most if not all of these; my number one complaint from people who see my paintings is that I make them too small, so I have been on a crusade to make bigger stuff! Lastly, some of these are from the trailer, but mostly they are taken from my own playthrough. I got remarkably good captures for a change. I think my utilities know the one rule...

Aria can out swagger Jessica Rabbit. Look at that slant!

Oh Bioware, why can't other game developers learn to cater to my chin fetish as you have done?
Nyreen, the new female Turian. Apparently female Turians look just like male Turians, only more petite and with less...plumage?

Rampart Mechs, one of the new enemies from the DLC. Not as annoying as I thought they would be. They hate warp ammo (protip).

The Adjutant. A new Reaper enemy that debuted in the "Invasion" comic books. These ARE as annoying as I thought they would be. They still hate warp ammo. (protip x2).

Dang it Aria! Why did you have to go all creepy eyed? One of my favorite things about you was that you never got creepy eyed! Stop it! Just Stop IT!
Anyway, all in all, it was a pretty great DLC. I had a lot of fun. Aria was a kick in the pants, and since I decided to be a total jerk, and do all of the renegade stuff (on my backup character Snake!) she kissed Shepard at the end. The DLC description says they added Cerberus Dragoons as well, though I didn't see any in my playthrough. The N7 Valkyrie was everything I had hoped and dreamed of however.

So, long story short:
  • Valkyrie +
  • Adding Chakram Launcher which I already had -
  • Rampart Mechs +
  • Adjutants -
  • Kissing Aria +
  • No full romance with Aria -
What can I say, I knew what I wanted coming into this one. Hope you all had fun, and let me know what you think!


Gotthammer said...

Well I just finished it, and I really enjoyed it - there were a few spots with odd graphical glitches (characters moving funny etc), which is a bit annoying for video making purposes, but otherwis just under LotSB at the moment.
Will play Leviathan tomorrow.

I loved Shep's hella awkward expression after Aria pashes her (probably slipped Shep some tongue) - obviously thinking "Liara is going to kill me" :D
Good combat, great cutscenes, and I actually got to like Aria more over the course of the game.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I had that too during Aria's speech, where she kind of teleported in circles. Fortunately, for my purposes, I just discarded those captures. That would be more of a problem for vids, though.

Yeah, Snake is the character that accidentally romanced Tali in ME2 (my wife still makes fun of me for that, as well as for shooting the star child and getting the 'refuse' ending) by skipping cutscenes.

So I played Omega after breaking up with Liara but before meeting the Quarians, with Snake as something of a 'free agent.' I just figured Aria couldn't resist the most eligible bachelor in the galaxy.