Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pre-Order Critique. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Apprehension

Well, I suppose if you are a gamer and not under some form of lithic concealment, you already know about Games Workshop's new Hobbit minis. Now likely, you will have heard complaints about the astronomical price of the finecast components of the collection. I won't lie, that raised my eyebrows too. But honestly, GW priced me out of their games a while back anyhow. The LotR line still gets some action from me (12-20 minis for $24 seems ok to me), but 40k, Fantasy, and now the Hobbit just seem like more of an investment than I'm happy with.

But that's not really what's bothering me. Have you really looked at the new minis? They're just...ugly. I mean, orcs and goblins are supposed to be ugly, I guess, but while the LotR orcs and goblins and uruks were ugly, at least they were...stylish, I guess. The Hobbit goblins and hunter orcs are just ugly and goofy looking. The minis themselves are either a calamity, or an accurate representation of very poor movie villains. I honestly hope it's the former, but it's giving me a moment of pause about the forthcoming movie.

Surely, if I cannot have faith in Peter Jackson, what can I believe in?

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Anonymous said...

The Hunter Orcs seem like the best minis in my opinion. With the 20% discount most stores have, they are the best buy.

But I agree. The Hobbit line is just not worth it as it stands. The White Council is the greatest offense with the 3 Troll kit a close second.

~ Phase Assassin