Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sword Sunday! Almost There...

Well, I wrapped the grips. I need to remember for the next time I do a project like this two things:
  1. Make sure the grip I get is self adhesive!
  2. I hate doing this!
Seriously, I manage to let just enough time pass between wrapping grips that I forget what a miserable task it is. How does this happen? I have a great memory, and I am a very smart guy. You would think I would remember. Anyway, if you look closely you will see some stuff going on with the grip of the Katana. I had a bubble there, and instead of re-wrapping, which would have taken time I was unwilling to spend and extra grip tape I didn't have, I cut and glued. The tape you see is to hold it down while the cement solidifies. Whatever, it will look fine.

The last step is to inscribe the names on the scabbards. I have something special planned for this step.

Tune in next time.

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