Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Shep Shepard: Sunny Tuchanka

Yeah, so I sort of forgot about this for a bit, because I got into Dragon Age II, then back into Mass Effect Multi. But never fear, Shep is here!

The Ancient Krogan had some impressive architecture. Almost a shame they nuked themselves.
Finishing up the cure for the genophage, Mordin lets Shep know that her long overdue vacation has finally arrived. Three expense paid tickets to Sunny Tuchanka! Yeah, it doesn't go as planned, and after an unschedule layover in the subterranean lair of a giant carniverous worm, shep emerges into the city of the ancients.

Fun story, this reaper will actually hit you with its beam and instakill you if you stand around to long, for say, taking screen captures.
But the good times aren't over, since there is another party at the shroud itself, and between the cannibals, marauders, husks, brutes, and an angry reaper destroyer, Shep's dance card is plumb full up.

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